Social Media: When to Get Off of It

How much is too much social media?  It’s the first thing you check when you wake up, the first thing you look at it when you’re commuting, or even the first thing you do when you need a distraction during work. Social media is a 24-7 habit that has become part of every day life.Continue reading “Social Media: When to Get Off of It”

Twitter: Best Ways to Get Tweets Noticed

How do you persuade someone to retweet (or RT and quote) your Twitter status, yet alone favorite it? What does this even mean to get retweeted or have a tweet favorited? Simple, attention. The formula for getting retweets and favorites on a post is not easy. It takes strategy, a conscious mind, patience and diligence.

How to Milk Social Media for All Its Worth

\Here are a few secrets about how you can make money from social media. E-Commerce is booming and you’re probably wondering how you can benefit from it. Social media has become a money making machine and almost all companies have caught on. Twitter allows companies to sponsor tweets, Facebook offers inexpensive rates to boos posts,Continue reading “How to Milk Social Media for All Its Worth”

Social media is your cupid

There are ways you can find love on social media, but there are flaws. If someone told me they met their significant other from Facebook or Twitter, I wouldn’t even be surprised. Social media has changed the way we communicate and even date. Online dating sites, such as OKCupid or, use to be theContinue reading “Social media is your cupid”

Are you Social Media Savvy?

Being able to understand the use of social media is like putting together pieces of a puzzle How strong is your online presence? Do you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or even still holding on to a Myspace page? What about video – can we see you on Vine, YouTube or Snapchat? Have you ever askedContinue reading “Are you Social Media Savvy?”