Messages You Should Be Sending On Each Platform

What you put on Twitter may not correlate with Facebook and vice versa.

If you’re trying to use social media as a communication tool to reach customers or establish an audience base, you have to keep that in mind. Each platform has its own language and by now you should already know this.Continue reading “Messages You Should Be Sending On Each Platform”

What’s All the Hype with Periscope?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the next big thing to hit the social media market: Periscope.

10 Million! That’s the number of active Periscope accounts since it launched 5 months ago. 2 million people are daily users on the app, and it has accumulated more than 40 years of videos watched per day. Crazy to think it’s still a newbie, right?

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7 Days of Social Media: How to Post Each Day of the Week [Infographic]

And on the 7th day, the Internet said let there be rest!

You’ve probably read from plenty social media new sources the best and worst times to post. According to Social Media Today, the best times to tweet are Monday-Friday at Noon, 5pm and 6pm. These are generally times when people are on their lunch breaks, have some spare time or are commuting home. On Thursday and Friday, the best times to post on Facebook are 1pm and 3pm. These are the best times to get the most engagement because users are generally online. You can see more of their statistic for yourself, here.

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I want to take a different approach and talk about the types of ways you should post Monday-Sunday. These suggestions come from years of experience on each platform, plus a good amount of research. Take note, these are generally meant for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, it can also be applied to other networks as well. Social media is unpredictable and sometimes you can’t always go by routine. However, knowing how to post during the week can set you up for social media success.

Here’s a Monday-Sunday breakdown of your social media week:


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Social Media: When to Get Off of It

How much is too much social media? 

It’s the first thing you check when you wake up, the first thing you look at it when you’re commuting, or even the first thing you do when you need a distraction during work. Social media is a 24-7 habit that has become part of every day life. People of all ages have some sort of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whatever account.Continue reading “Social Media: When to Get Off of It”

Should Your Business Be on Snapchat?

To simply answer this question, yes!

Snapchat is a video and photo bombing app that is widely popular among the 25 and under crowd. On Snapchat, you are allowed to add captions in your video and photos, drawing and there are also filter overlays in them as well. One of the cool filter overlays are the geofilters – typically an illustration developed based on the location you are at.Continue reading “Should Your Business Be on Snapchat?”