Live Video: Why it could help you succeed on digital

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You see it when you are logged on Twitter and saw the debates available for you to stream.

You see it when you head over to YouTube and a sporting game just a click away for your viewership.

You’re constantly bombarded with notifications on Facebook of a friend who just went live.

You can’t escape scrolling down your timeline without crossing a few live video streams that are happening (or in most cases have already happened).

If you haven’t seen the pattern by now, it’s evident that live streaming on social has taken over.

I predicted at the beginning of 2016 that video on social would dominate, and now with the impact of live, it’s imperative that audiences can visually see what you’re all about.

Here’s a breakdown to the impact of social video and how live video fits in the fold:Continue reading “Live Video: Why it could help you succeed on digital”

Snapchat 101: A marketer’s beginners guide to starting a Snapchat

 Need a background check on your social media? Let’s chat! I’m providing a free consultation. Sign up here.

A little over a year ago, I recommended that brands should be considering Snapchat — and now more than ever, I stand by this statement.

Snapchat has had an increasing positive impression on brands, as the platform is reaching audiences beyond teenagers, or anyone under 25. On any given day, Snapchat stories are reaching anyone between the ages of  18-34 years old. And its popularity will only continue to increase as the daily activity of the platform also increases. Note, the average user would spend 20-35 minutes on the platform. This is not as impressive as the 10 billion media views the app receives daily, according to Bloomberg.

So why develop a Snapchat? Just to hop on the bandwagon? Just to stay relevant with your audience? Just to have that opportunity to reach a new audience? It should be for all these reasons, actually.

Here are a few questions any beginner should be asking when thinking about using Snapchat for business.Continue reading “Snapchat 101: A marketer’s beginners guide to starting a Snapchat”

Where is Instagram going?

Today, Instagram launched a new look.

Instagram still remains one of the most engaging social media platforms among its peers. There are just about 70 million photos and videos being posted on the app daily. In addition, there are 2.5 billion daily post likes as well. Now, the app has an entire new look.

What does this mean for the direction of Instagram?Continue reading “Where is Instagram going?”

How to have clickable worthy content on social media

We all fall for the click-bait celebrity gossip headlines — “Kim Kardashion takes yet another naked selfie,” “Ciara throws the ultimate shade to Future,” “Kanye West says he made Taylor Swift famous,” and the list goes on and on.

However, how do we capitalize our own content to be click-bait worthy?

As a marketing and social media manager , I struggle with the idea of “click-baiting” content. Reason being is because you want to uphold the good name of your brand and not ruin your reputation with titles that are misleading. So instead, I will offer some three tips on how to make content more “clickable,” to your audience.Continue reading “How to have clickable worthy content on social media”

Opinion — #RIPTwitter: Is it the end or on life support?

It’s changing every hour, minute and second. It’s changing so much, I don’t even recognize the platform anymore.

Recently, Twitter launched a new algorithm change to the platform. It is redesigning the tweets you see in your timeline by relevancy — biting off of Facebook’s style again. While this is a opt-in choice — manually going into the platform to change the settings of your timeline — who knows how long this option will last.Continue reading “Opinion — #RIPTwitter: Is it the end or on life support?”