Brands participating in viral social media challenges. Should they do it?

Viral content happens every day on social media and some of the content is social media challenges.

There’s a question out there whether or not brands should invoke themselves into a challenge that is going viral on social? The answer is absolutely, but with caution!

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Where Influencer Marketing stands in today’s digital world

Influencer marketing is becoming a strong force for brands in 2020. More brands are looking at influencers to elevate their messaging or boost awareness of a service or product they sell. Here’s what you should know about Influencer Marketing’s impact today.

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Organic Reach: Best ways to still conform to the algorithms without social advertising

I’m going to take the stand to say that there is still value in organic posting. Social media specialists are told that the idea of organic reach is nearly non-existent. That’s not necessarily the case.

While the growth in social media advertising is happening, some brands still take value in doing things the old fashioned way.

There are still post that do perform well organically. Here are some ways to ensure success without paying for visibility.

New Year, New Approach: Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Be Utilizing in 2019

We’re entering into a new year and there are many lessons that we should have learned for an interesting 2018.

In 2018, we saw the decline in organic reach, the rise in Facebook advertising, the decline in Facebook, the rise in content marketing, and the use of social media stories from platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

With more and more brands trying to reach people, it’s becoming even more important to stand out among competitors.

Here are just a few round up questions you should be asking yourself:

The impact of positive social interaction

Social interaction is essentially the engagement between a brand and its online consumer.

If you are a brand focusing on consumer acquisition, you want to ensure that the way you respond or interact with consumers online is positive. In a world where establishing meaningful connections matters, it’s critical to be transparent and authentic on your social media platforms.