Social Media Resolutions for 2015

We’re approaching a new year and you’ve probably listed a few things you’ll be changing about yourself. If you’re not gunning to lose a few pounds, become a better saver, or have a better attitude, you have the option of doing some social media clean up.

How to Milk Social Media for All Its Worth

\Here are a few secrets about how you can make money from social media. E-Commerce is booming and you’re probably wondering how you can benefit from it. Social media has become a money making machine and almost all companies have caught on. Twitter allows companies to sponsor tweets, Facebook offers inexpensive rates to boos posts,Continue reading “How to Milk Social Media for All Its Worth”

10 Ways to Launch a Successful Social Media Campaign

Whether you are trying to broadcast a new product, promote a service or defining your brand identity, there are many ways social media can attribute to your goals. Going viral and getting the attention of the outside world is not an easy phase. Planning and strategizing how your brand will reach thousands, if not millions, ofContinue reading “10 Ways to Launch a Successful Social Media Campaign”